Weekly Links February 21st-28th 2014

“The truth is that human beings always have the moral right and obligation to judge others and to judge themselves. We always have the moral right and obligation to fight injustice.  And clearly we do not have the obligation to fight all injustices equally; what engages our attention and our efforts needs to be justified, to be sure, but what of it?  Surely one wouldn’t argue that a Palestinian American forfeits the  right to call for BDS against Israel because he is collectively responsible for injustice as an American.”


“But the struggle over gender equality bespeaks a deeper struggle over Orthodoxy’s willingness to learn from the moral and intellectual evolution of the outside world. The term Weiss uses to describe his brand of Orthodoxy is “Open.” Open Orthodoxy, he wrote in a 1997 essay, “acknowledges, considers and takes into account in varying ways a wide spectrum of voices” and insists that “our relationship to non-Jews is predicated on the principle that every human being is created in the image of God, and, thus, our responsibility is to reach out to non-Jews.””



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