Weekly Links October 4th-11th 2013

“So, instead of seeing this week’s Torah portion as some sort of real estate contract, where God gives the land of historic Palestine to the Jewish people, we instead see the entire story as a metaphor for being Jews. We learn that to be a Jew is to be a seeker, to not stand still or idly by. To be a Jew is to ask and to seek and to wander and to yearn.  To be a Jew is to be in diaspora, spiritually and physically.”


Thinking about fictional objects and images as necessary and pregnant with meaning


A very interesting re-thinking of one of the most famous Biblical stories


“People should be allowed to pursue their happiness in the competitive market. But it makes no sense to require people to compete in the market for basic goods. Those who lack such goods have little chance of winning them in competition with those who already have them.”


And, to lighten up the reading a bit – it’s time to hoard chocolate



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