Weekly Links July 19th-26th 2013

The Internet - Weekly Links

The struggle in Jerusalem between exclusively Jewish and democratic values


“Until 1948, the Jewish men had been praying alongside Jewish women: the gendered segregation at the Kotel is a relatively new thing. Just weeks after the first Shavuot at the Wall, in July 1967, a mechitzah (gender separation barrier) was installed at the plaza. By the somber day of Yom Kippur in October, under the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the area at the Kotel had become a de facto Orthodox synagogue.”


“As more cane was planted, the price of the product fell. As the price fell, demand increased. Economists call it a virtuous cycle—not a phrase you would use if you happened to be on the wrong side of the equation.” – a fascinating history of sugar as only National Geographic can do it.


A strong call to remain open-minded especially as you reach ‘expert’ status in your field


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