Weekly Links March 1st-8th 2013

The Internet - Weekly Links

A very interesting way of framing the emergence of the role of Maharat in Orthodox Judaism.  I can’t tell if the criticism of the non-Orthodox streams of Judaism is the issue, or whether the author is justifying the inherent inequality – not equal but different, but a system that keeps men in all positions of real power – through artful argument.


It is good to know that for me, there are still issues where instinct overrides any rational argument.  Eating bugs is gross.  Period.


Jewish theology as inherently pluralistic


“Here we have a real-life chance to apply the political philosopher John Rawls’s test for a just society, what he called the “veil of ignorance.” If you didn’t know what kind of person you were going to be — your gender, family circumstances, ethnicity — which of the developed nations would you choose to be born into?”


Don’t forget that, under all the rhetoric, both the ‘right’ and the ‘left’ when it comes to Israel are attuned to a deep need that must be met in the Jewish world



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