Not Just Words

It seems surreal in so many ways to be confronted by the horror of another mass-shooting in the US so soon after the last two that gripped international news.  I really do not feel like there is much left to be said — it is time to act.  I am pleased that this seems to be the lesson learned by the Obama Administration as well, and I look forward to seeing enshrined in law a safer country for all its inhabitants.  However, for something as serious as being part of a society that can produce — with terrifying regularity — domestic terrorists, and then shrug off what that says about the society in question, I feel that individual action must rise to the forefront.

It surprises me, in reading people’s reactions to the tragedy, that the Occupy movement is spoken of in terms that connote a movement fondly remembered from the distant past.  While the movement captured our collective imagination, it did not leave a lasting impression, and did little to improve the living conditions of those it stood for.  Because it has entered the vernacular, though, I see it is a perfect vehicle for the crisis confronting us now.  Why not agitate for a mass movement focused on a specific policy objective centred on the concept of Occupy and the 99%?

As a relative outsider to this issue, but as someone who wishes to see these times of (inter)national crisis and unity stand for something after the headlines have disappeared, I urge us all to take concrete steps, doing our small part to make the world a brighter place after such horror has gripped so many of us.  I am going to hold myself to a New Year’s resolution: I will involve myself in bettering the educational lives and opportunities of the peers of those murdered at the Sandy Hook school in 2013.


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