Weekly Links December 7th-14th 2012

The Internet - Weekly LinksThis week’s there are lots of things to fill all that free time we have during the holidays.

How do you make politics more accessible?  Make an elaborate, and convincing, allegory to Lord of the Rings, of course.
This is not a short conversation (I recommend the unedited interview), but the Middle Easy conflict is not a simple one – and it is worth every second to hear people who have devoted their lives to fixing the problem through true encounter, building relationships with the Other
When Middle East politics compare negatively to playground antics
Words of wisdom from my former Pardes classmate Derek Kwait.  You do not need to have gone to Pardes in order to appreciate the message here.
The holiness of words and the importance of dialogue without hate
Judith Butler arguing for a non-Zionist conception of Judaism
A reasonable plan for peace between Israel and Palestine.  I dream of the day that we have leaders bold enough to implement it
Asking deep existential questions, and what they really mean
“So as you look around the room strewn with presents, paper and packages, take a moment, pay attention and see beyond all of those wants. See the people in the room, your spouse and parents, children, family and friends. They are not “wants.” They are “needs” and as long as you have them it will be a Happy Chanukah and with them by your side you will never really want for what you need.”

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