תולדות [A Prayer for Peace]

This week’s parsha details the lives of the two sons of יצהק, Isaac, as they grow up together, as well as the story of the financial growth of their father in southern Cana’an.  There are a bevy of lessons to be learned from the parsha to be applied in the current tragic escalation in violence that has gripped Israel and Gaza this week.  Both Isaac and his sons encounter trouble living peaceably with their neighbours through the course of the narrative – Isaac when trying to dig wells, and his sons in their relationship with each other, specifically in relation to the birthright and blessings they receive from their father.  Reading the parsha, it is abundantly clear that both Isaac and Esau were hurt by those close to them, either geographically or by family.

We all need to remember just how applicable this lesson is today, that we must act with care and respect towards those that we are bound – by fate, God, or chance – to interact with throughout our lives.

Hoping for an end

To violence and hatred

Among our brothers


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