Weekly Links July 13th-20th 2012

I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from Rabbi Daniel Roth


I don’t agree that there is no anti-Semitism behind anti-Israel sentiment, but there is no doubt that Israel ought to show the world it is serious about living up to both Western and Jewish standards of morality.  Only by making unequivocal steps towards ending the Occupation can it be clear who is harbouring anti-Semitic tendencies and who genuinely desires the Jewish State to live up to its name.


Though I sense an anti-religious current throughout the post (needing to prove that Jews disagree internally about matter pertaining to their religion is either really necessary, or points to the author’s maddening lack of education about and exposure to Judaism), the arguments made are largely sound.  The problem, though, is that they take no account of what it might mean to lead a religious life, and, I might add, seemingly imply that all religious people cannot see that there might be a fundamental clash of values in an issue like circumcision.  As concerns the legal context: since when have we made illegal all religious acts that some in our societies have found reprehensible?  All said though, given a more agreeable tone, I would happily endorse such a view being mandatory reading for all Jews, especially the Dawkins quote, which was a major inspiration for me when I read it the first time.


A reflection on finding meaning in our lives, day by day


“For at this point I have much to be silent about.”- Friedrich Nietzsche



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