כי תבוא

This week’s parsha, among other things, contains the famous list of blessings and curses that the People of Israel receive on opposing mountains before entering Cana’an.  Included in this list is a saying that has come to be a common blessing given at this time of year: “tihi’yeh l’rosh v’loh l’zanav” – ‘Be for a head, and not for a tail,’ coming from our verse (28:13) “And Hashem will give you as a head and not as a tail” (my translation).  Both the verse and the adapted blessing, in my opinion, are about being a leader as opposed to a follower.  And while the verse, in context, seems to say that ‘if you follow all my commandments, then you will be a leader among the nations, and not a follower’ I think it is appropriate to say that the message is that we all hope to merit being leaders.  Not only that, but we hope to be competent leaders, handling the responsibilities that implies with humility.

Tihi’yeh L’rosh

For the coming year, gracefully

Open to critique


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