Weekly Links June 17th-24th 2011

While I sometimes think it would be nice if the PA accepted Israel as a ‘Jewish and Democratic State’ or ‘The State of the Jews’ I am in total agreement that the citizens of Israel and those who have a cultural or religious connection to it have many more issues to iron out amongst ourselves before we try to drape obligations of this type of future partners in peace.


To me, this is a ‘stop everything and fix the system’ moment


“The freedom then prevailing in ancient Israel, both to criticise and to report such criticism, is remarkable for its time, and would be the envy of a large proportion of the world’s human inhabitants even today.”  I just can’t grasp why this is covered up today by many traditional Jews.  Yes, in the Middle Ages, with true existential threats facing the Jews, both physically and religiously, being defensive made sense.  Now, I think it’s a virtue to admit of flaws in our past leaders.





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