The End of a Chapter

Today I finish my Bachelor’s Degree.  In a weird way, however, it is not as definitive or exhilarating as it must be for many people.  It’s not because I am not proud of what I have accomplished, or how I have changed as a person, or that I am not happy to be done.  Rather, it’s because I have ended up in the enviable position of not having any exams to write in my final term of classes (only papers), which has allowed me to ‘drift’ into the end of my degree at a leisurely pace.  The downside is that I have no experience of the rush accompanying ending a term that culminates with a bunch of exams.  While I know the term is over because I have no more assignments to complete, it is not the same as walking out of my last exam.  And so the chapter ends, not with a bang, but with more of a ‘fade to black’ of the focus of this particular chapter.  The beauty of chapters like that, though, is that you don’t want to stop reading when you finish such a chapter – you want to see what happens next!

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