Weekly Links Feb. 11th-18th 2011


While I find his characterization of the US and it’s rightful role in Mideast politics far too right, his analysis of Israel’s own follies and their need to autonomously change the reality they live in is consistently articulate and inspiring.
Often little more than taking arguments to their logical conclusions shows how morally flawed many of the practices of modern society are
Beautiful and true – it is easier to point the finger, and less gets done as a result, so take the time to look inwards and enact meaningful change once in a while
Articulately describing a sphere of meta-ethics that I have been thinking about and (vainly) attempting to expound in such a manner recently
Awesome – not only does this combine two things I love (philosophy and HP) but I wrote my Honours term paper on the subject of truth in fiction last year, and it is great to see how an articulate and successful philosopher is able to write about the topic in an accessible way


[Sorry for the delay on this post, my computer was being repaired this week, and so I didn’t end the week with my customary two posts, and will have to skip the Parsha Haiku]


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