Weekly Links Jan. 7th-14th 2011

The final thing that I hope to do here on a regular basis (for now) is to provide a list of the articles, blogs, videos, etc. that I come across each week that I find noteworthy, and share them with a brief summary/one-line commentary.  So here is this week’s list:

A look at the “independent and impartial” nature of Israel’s judicial system from the stereotypically pro-Israel Dershowitz
In contrast, a look at Operation Cast Lead through a Just War Theory lens (a little long)
A prelude to a topic that will undoubtedly come up on a personal level:
Um…excuse me?  I don’t think that you have a choice in this, IOC, what happened at your ‘non-political’ event in 1972 was inherently political, and I don’t really think there’s a case for not at least acknowledging that
A brief look at the many reasons why Canadians are shaking there heads about the Tuscon shooting
A typically thoughtful and articulate look at the Middle East conflict from Daniel Gordis, which also touches on my post about disagreement within a tradition

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