What To Expect Here

Right…So how about some content?

I’ll state my biases upfront, since honesty truly is the best policy: I have a Canucks game to watch and so real content isn’t going to appear here just yet.  But to give you a taste, here is an abridged version of the story of why What I Believe In (WIBI) exists:

I spent the last four months of my life living in Jerusalem studying at Pardes, where I documented my thoughts consistently for the first time in any sort of public way.  I blogged with New Voices on a weekly basis, I wrote occasionally for the Pardes blog and I wrote a more personal group e-mail which was my primary means of connecting to people back home.  Early on in that process, it became clear that a ‘real’ blog was the natural progression once I returned home.

To give a little bit more of an idea of what I will be talking about, here are the parameters I was writing under for New Voices: I wrote about “Jewish/Religious Identity, the meaning the land of Israel is given in Judaism, and my philosophical problems with both.”  I will share, in one form or another, my New Voices posts at some point.  Of course, that only really touches on the Israel-specific side of things, and I do plan on looking at a broader range of topics.  Two specific projects that I plan on making a reality on this blog, also stemming from my time at Pardes are a weekly haiku on the parshat ha’shavua (weekly Torah portion) and an end-of-book list of thoughts and reflections as I finish reading through each of the five books of the Torah (more on that later).  I also hope to post a weekly collection of meaningful and thought-provoking articles that I have come across.

Now all I have to do is live up to all these expectations and blog with as much regularity as I hope to!

Until then, my Canucks have a chance to make it 16-in-a-row unbeaten in regulation.


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